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Every Day Movement and Tension

Posted on 4.13.17 by mark

Comments about martial art training basics.

Breathing & Coordination Movement Drills

Posted on 2.25.17 by mark

Systema blog about Saturday's class at Atlanta Systema. The two hour class was about coordinating movement and breath. 

Lack of Awareness Leads to Healing Knowledge

Posted on 1.11.17 by mark

This is an article I wrote back in June 2006 after a seminar in New York City. It has been posted a few different places but thought I would add it to this collection. The short of it is during the last two hours or so of the seminar I had a body thrown into the side of my knee which popped out and back in. The blog is what I recall about Vladimir teaching me how to deal with the injury. I have used this knowledge many times since then and always found it to be very helpful. 

Systema Sit-Up Suggestions

Posted on 1.10.17 by mark

A blog on how to improve your Systema sit-up by changing where you focus. 

Solo Nervous System Work

Posted on 12.21.16 by mark

A long blog about the benefits to training the nervous system and a couple solo drills for the Systema student. 

Jumping Ahead in Progression Training Drills

Posted on 12.16.16 by mark

Some thoughts on why it is important to not jump ahead in progression training and some thoughts on the power weapons have on us. 

Attacking Correctly in Training

Posted on 12.14.16 by mark

Systema Russian Martial Art blog about correcting your partners attacks. 

Purpose of Progression Training

Posted on 12.10.16 by mark

Martial Arts blog about the purpose of progression training and the importance of the first drill in the progression. 

Training Tips: Do What Your Teacher Does & Homework

Posted on 11.27.16 by mark

Two training tips for improving Systema training or any martial art. 

Developing the Power of the Torso

Posted on 7.13.16 by mark

Torso training. 

Stretching From The End Points And Receiving

Posted on 7.7.16 by mark

Experimenting in class with doing squats on each other while stretching from the end points. Interesting results. 

The Eyes Have It

Posted on 7.6.16 by mark

A short essay on how to use your eyes during a confrontation. 

Fundamental Components of a Systema Class

Posted on 7.4.16 by mark

Some thoughts on 5 concepts that make a good Systema class. 

Breathing & Tension Drills for Improved Muscle Control

Posted on 6.26.16 by mark

A short piece about improving your muscle control with breathing drills. 

Finding Unknown Tension

Posted on 12.10.14 by mark

Learning about tension during the Mikhail Ryabko New Jersey seminar.

Breathing and Moving

Posted on 12.28.13 by mark

Breathing and moving in regular life and in martial application is of vital importance. When the two are out of cynic tension occurs which retards proper movement and saps the energy of the practitioner.

Breathing for Warmth

Posted on 11.10.13 by mark

Some thoughts on using breath patterns to create body heat using Systema, Russian Martial Art knowledge.

Heavy versus movement

Posted on 10.30.13 by mark

Martial art theory on a heavy body and movement.

Monday Evening Study

Posted on 9.24.12 by mark

Mark shares Russian Martial Art and Self Defense training information from his recent trip to Toronto.

Saturday Breathing & Body Work Class Plus Martial bonus

Posted on 9.15.12 by mark

Martial arts and self defense start with a good awareness of self and a healthy body. Today's class helped each student connect to the body in a deeper way and improve their understanding.

Martial Arts class 9/13/12

Posted on 9.13.12 by mark

Charlotte Systema Russian Martial Art Thursday class overview.

Core Body Movement Class 9/10/12

Posted on 9.10.12 by mark

Tonight's martial arts class at Charlotte Systema was about how to increase the mobility of the core body and utilize this mobility to increase chances of survival in self defense. I have not seen any similar work to this reality based martial arts or self defense systems such as Krav Maga.

Lakeside II

Posted on 8.26.12 by mark

Review of the martial arts seminar held at Lake Monticello August 25th & 26th.

Self Defense Striking Class

Posted on 8.24.12 by mark

Today's striking class was not geared towards sports like MMA, TKD or Karate but real life functional striking. Nothing wrong with the sport work but it does not have the mobility frequently needed in reality based self defense situations.

Knife defense Class

Posted on 8.23.12 by mark

Today's self defense class was all about defending against a knife attack. The cool thing is the exact same motion, range and footwork can be used for striking. This work is very different than is seen in other martial arts such as Krav Maga, Aikido, karate, or traditional self defense classes. One of the goals is to control the emotions.

Charlotte Systema - Russian Martial Art Striking with Movement

Posted on 8.20.12 by mark

Martial art striking class Systema style. Lots of movement while striking. This is different than striking found in Krav Maga, jujutsu, karate or boxing. All strikes can be done while moving, with one foot on the ground. This improves mobility and creates constant movement. The key is to be heavy and totally relaxed upon impact with the center facing the target.

Martial Arts Striking Class RMA Style

Posted on 8.6.12 by mark

Today's Systema martial arts class was all about striking. Our method is totally different than boxing, karate, Krav Maga, MMA or most other styles. I do not have a background in Chinese martial arts such as kung fu,  Ti Chi, or the different internal styles so there could be some similarity.

Knife Self Defense and Movement in Charlotte

Posted on 8.2.12 by mark

Movement to survive the first moments. Movement for self defense. Movement for martial art counter attacks. This is nothing like Aikido, Krav maga, MMA, Jujutsu or other martial arts. Learn to move, learn to breathe, learn to survive.

Monday Martial Arts - Free flow training

Posted on 7.30.12 by mark

Charlotte, NC Martial Arts training at the Ultimate Gym on Monday July 30th.

Angles and Flow Friday for Martial Arts training

Posted on 7.27.12 by mark

Understanding and proper use of angles and flow for martial arts training give a the user a huge advantage and open up numerous opportunities.

Plankin' Thursday

Posted on 7.26.12 by mark

Russian martial arts class at the Ultimate Gym, Charlotte, NC. This is not Aikido, Judo, MMA, Krav Maga or karate. Systema has it's own feel and training methods.

Moving and striking Monday

Posted on 7.23.12 by mark

Recap of Monday's Self Defense and Martial Arts class at the Ultimate Gym in Charlotte, NC.

Breathing class

Posted on 7.21.12 by mark

Saturday Russian Martial Arts breathing class with an additional hour of self defense training.

Monday Class July 16th - Finding relaxation & softness in structure

Posted on 7.16.12 by mark

Recap of Monday's Russian Martial Arts class in Charlotte, NC.

Atlanta Workshop - Strike absorption and striking

Posted on 7.15.12 by mark

Brief description of the Russian Martial Art workshop held in Atlanta on July 15th, 2012.

Pushing, Hips, and Avoidance

Posted on 7.9.12 by mark

Interesting class on relaxing the hips/lower back, moving the entire body and avoidance.

Saturday Body/Breath Work plus an hour of martial work

Posted on 7.7.12 by mark

Recap of Saturday's class.

Soft Structure work against strikes

Posted on 7.5.12 by mark

Recap of today's class about using structure, specifically a soft structure against strikes.

Take downs, static to full motion

Posted on 7.2.12 by mark

We studied the theory of taking a person down. Starting in a very static situation and slowly increasing the drill to complete motion. This gives each person a chance to explore different motions and the results.

Using the Shoulders & Chest

Posted on 6.30.12 by mark

Recap of Saturday's breathing body awareness class with bonus martial training.

Movement Options

Posted on 6.29.12 by mark

Continuation from last Friday and movement. Making movement my own. Quality!

The Connection Between Breathing and Movement 6/28/12

Posted on 6.28.12 by mark

Today's class we spent the entire class looking at the phases of breathing and how this relates to movement.

6/25/12 One Movement Method

Posted on 6.25.12 by mark

Recap of tonight's class. The topic was relating basic movement drills to work on the ground.

Movement theory, 6/22/12

Posted on 6.22.12 by mark

The class topic today ended up being detailed work on movement.

Basic firearms movement class

Posted on 6.18.12 by mark

Overview of weapon class, Monday June 18th, 2012

Class Review 6/15/12

Posted on 6.16.12 by mark

Class topics: Body and breath work, strike absorption, and striking

Starting Off

Posted on 6.15.12 by mark

Initial post for the blog of Charlotte Systema, Russian Martial Arts. Overview of the blog goals.



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